Technical Conference Program

Tue. Oct. 25 Wed. Oct. 26 Thu. Oct. 27 Fri. Oct. 28
8:45 Welcome & Opening Ceremony
9:00 Keynote Talk 1 Keynote Talk 2 Keynote Talk 3
9:45 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:00 Vision and Sensing Source and Channel Coding Systems Efficient Hardware Design
11:20 Signal Processing Algorithms and Image Processing Communication Systems Special Session: Stochastic
12:40 Lunch Lunch
DISPS Technical Committee Meeting
13:40 Low Power and Energy Efficient Design DSP Architectures
15:00 Posters I – Signal Processing Algorithms and VLSI &
Coffee Break
Posters II – DSP Architectures and Low Power Design & Coffee Break
16:00 Special Session: Design Special Session: MIMO
18:30 Welcoming & Introduction Reception Banquet

Tuesday, Oct. 25

Reception (18:00–21:00)

Room: Spurs Room

All attendees are invited

Wednesday, Oct. 26

Registration Desk open at 8:15am.

Welcome & Opening Ceremony (8:45–9:00)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Marilyn Wolf & Manish Goel

Keynote Talk 1 (9:00–9:45)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Marilyn Wolf

  • Advances in Picture Quality: Vision Science and Algorithms

    Alan Bovik, University of Texas at Austin

Coffee Break (9:45–10:00)

Room: Foyer Outside Longhorn Rooms

Session 1: Vision and Sensing (10:00–11:20)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Wonyong Sun

  • Hardware-Efficient Neighbor-Guided SGM Optical Flow for Low Power Vision Applications
    Jiang Xiang, Ziyun Li, Hun Seok Kim and Chaitali Chakrabarti
  • Compressed Power Spectral Density Estimation via Group-Based Total Variation Minimization
    Jun Zhou, Zhongfeng Wang and Sebastian Hoyos
  • Architecture and Implementation of a Simplified Locality Sensitive Hashed Signatures Based Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm
    Pavel Arnaudov and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
  • Variation-tolerant Architectures for Convolutional Neural Networks in the Near Threshold Voltage
    Yingyan Lin, Sai Zhang and Naresh Shanbhag

Session 2: Signal Processing Algorithms and Image Processing (11:20–12:40)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Jarmo Takala

  • TouchSpeaker, a Multi-Sensor Context-Aware Application for Mobile Devices
    Jona Beysens, Alessandro Chiumento, Sofie Pollin and Min Li
  • Synthesizing Probability Theory Based on Molecular Computation
    Ziyuan Shen, Chuan Zhang, Lulu Ge, Yuchen Zhuang and Xiaohu You
  • Low Complexity 3D Ultrasound Imaging Using Synthetic Aperture Sequential Beamforming
    Jian Zhou, Siyuan Wei, Richard Sampson, Ming Yang, Rungroj Jintamethasawat, Oliver Kripfgans, J. Brian Fowlkes, Thomas Wenisch and Chaitali Chakrabarti
  • Low Complexity Single Channel ICA Architecture Design Methodology for Pervasive Healthcare Applications
    Swati Bhardwaj, Adapa Bhagyaraja, R. Shashank, Pranit Jadhav, Dwaipayan Biswas, Amit Acharyya and Ganesh R. Naik

Lunch (12:40–13:40)

Room: Boots & Brix Restaurant, Hyatt

Session 3: Low Power and Energy Efficient Design (13:40–15:00)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Min Li

  • Distributed Memory Allocation Technique for Synchronous Dataflow Graphs
    Karol Desnos, Maxime Pelcat, Jean Francois Nezan and Slaheddine Aridhi
  • Energy-efficient Simultaneous Localization and Mapping via Compounded Approximate Computing
    Jinwook Oh, Jungwook Choi, Guilherme Januario and Kailash Gopalakrishnan
  • An ASIC for Energy-Scalable, Low-Power Digital Ultrasound Beamforming
    Bonnie Lam, Michael Price and Anantha P. Chandrakasan
  • Xor-Masking: A Novel Statistical Method for Instruction Read Energy Reduction in Contemporary SRAM Technologies
    Joonas Multanen, Timo Viitanen, Pekka Jääskeläinen and Jarmo Takala

Posters I – Signal Processing Algorithms and VLSI & Coffee Break (15:00–16:00)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Warren Gross

  • Rich Representation Spaces: Benefits in Digital Auscultation Signal Analysis
    Dimitra Emmanouilidou and Mounya Elhilali
  • In-air Ultrasonic 3D-touchscreen with Gesture Recognition Using Existing Hardware for Smart Devices
    Bert Van Dam, Yuri Murillo, Min Li and Sofie Pollin
  • Improving the Performance of the Carrier Tracking Loop for GPS Receivers in Presence of Transient Errors due to PVT Variations
    Mohamed Mourad Hafidhi and Emmanuel Boutillon
  • Estimating Parameters of Multiple Damped Complex Sinusoids with Model Order Estimation
    Donna Kocherry, Shanglin Ye and Elias Aboutanios
  • Reliable Fixed-point Implementation of Linear Data-flows
    Thibault Hilaire, Anastasia Volkova and Maminionja Ravoson
  • Executing Dynamic Data Rate Actor Networks on OpenCL Platforms
    Jani Boutellier and Ilkka Hautala
  • MEMS Inertial Motion Sensing Watch for Measuring Walking and Running Activities
    Flavien Bardyn, Martin Savary, Sara Grassi, Pierre-André Farine, Benedikt Fasel and Kamiar Aminian
  • A Non-EEG Biosignals Dataset for Assessment and Visualization of Neurological Status
    Javad Birjandtalab, Diana Cogan, Maziyar Baran Pouyan and Mehrdad Nourani

Session 4: Special Session: System-Level Modeling & Design Methodologies (16:00–17:20)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Karol Desnos & Francesca Plaumbo

  • Energy Efficient Hybrid Precoding for Multi-User Massive MIMO Systems Using Low-Resolution ADCs
    Li-Feng Lin, Wei-Ho Chung, Hsin-Jung Chen and Ta-Sung Lee
  • Models of Architecture: Reproducible Efficiency Evaluation for Signal Processing Systems
    Maxime Pelcat, Karol Desnos, Luca Maggiani, Yanzhou Liu, Julien Heulot, Jean-Francois Nezan and Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
  • SS-Design: Extended Abstract: Dataflow-Based Design of Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Platforms
    Francesca Palumbo, Carlo Sau, Tiziana Fanni, Paolo Meloni and Luigi Raffo
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Network on iOS Mobile Devices
    Chun-Fu Richard Chen, Gwo Giun Chris Lee, Vincent Sritapan and Ching-Yung Lin
  • Power and Thermal Modeling for Communication Systems
    Marilyn Wolf, Shuvra Bhattacharyya, Jacques Florence and Adrian E. Sapio

Thursday, Oct. 27

Keynote Talk 2 (9:00–9:45)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Manish Goel

  • Chemical Reactions in the Organic Network: Strategic Directions for Developing Chips and Systems in Next Generation Cellular

    Alan Gatherer, Huawei Technologies, USA

Coffee Break (9:45–10:00)

Room: Foyer Outside Longhorn I-III

Session 5: Source and Channel Coding Systems (10:00–11:20)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Zhiyuan Yan

  • Pre-sorted Forward-Backward NB-LDPC Check Node Architecture
    Hassan Harb, Cédric Marchand, Ali Al Ghouwayel, Laura Conde-Canencia and Emmanuel Boutillon
  • An FPGA Emulation Platform for Polar Codes
    Chenrong Xiong, Yi Zhong, Chun Zhang and Zhiyuan Yan
  • Beyond 100Gbps Encoder Design For Staircase Codes
    Guanghui Hu, Jin Sha and Zhongfeng Wang
  • An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Lossless Data Compression in Data Center
    Zhisheng Wang, Jun Lin and Zhongfeng Wang

Session 6: Communication Systems (11:20–12:40)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Chaitali Chakrabarti

  • Improving Sound Localization for Hearing Aid Devices using Smartphone Assisted Technology
    Anshuman Ganguly, Chandan Reddy, Yiya Hao and Issa Panahi
  • A Reconfigurable Memory PUF based on Tristate Inverter Arrays
    Yijun Cui, Chenghua Wang, Weiqiang Liu and Maire O’Neill
  • Sparse-Clustered Network with Selective Decoding for Internet Traffic Classification
    Scott Dickson Dagondon, Warren Gross and Brett Meyer
  • Complexity Reduced Carrier Recovery using Spread Spectrum for Low CNR Environment
    Tomohiro Arakawa and Nobukazu Doi

Lunch & DISPS Technical Committee Meeting (12:40–13:40)

Regular lunch room: Boots & Brix Restaurant, Hyatt

DISPS Committee lunch room: Longhorn I-III

Session 7: DSP Architectures (13:40–15:00)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Hun Seok Kim

  • Data-Canonic Real FFT Flow-Graphs for Composite Lengths
    Yingjie Lao and Keshab Parhi
  • New Identical Radix-2^k Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
    Fahad Qureshi and Jarmo Takala
  • Hardware-Efficient Twiddle Factor Generator for Mixed Radix-2/3/4/5 FFTs
    Tomasz Patyk, Fahad Qureshi and Jarmo Takala
  • Efficient Hardware Architecture for Compressed Sensing with DFT Sensing Matrix
    Junmei Yang, Chuan Zhang, Shi Jin, Chao-Kai Wen and Xiaohu You

Posters II – DSP Architectures and Low Power Design & Coffee Break (15:00–16:00)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Joseph Cavallaro

  • A Dual-Stage, Ultra-Low Power Acoustic Event Detection System
    Yu Chen, Minchang Cho, Seokhyeon Jeong, David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester and Hun-Seok Kim
  • Design Kernel Exploration Using QBF-Based Boolean Matching
    Thomas Preußer and Fredo Erxleben
  • On the Narrowband Interference Cancellation Scheme in OFDM Communication Systems in Frequency Selective Fading Channels
    Il Han Kim, Tarkesh Pande and Xiaolin Lu
  • FPGA-based Low-power Speech Recognition with Recurrent Neural Networks
    Minjae Lee, Kyuyeon Hwang, Jinhwan Park, Sungwook Choi, Sungho Shin and Wonyong Sung
  • Efficient Hardware Architetcure for Large Disparity Range Stereo Matching Based on Belief Propagation
    Sih-Sian Wu, Chen-Han Tsai and Liang-Gee Chen
  • Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Using Power Spectral Analysis
    Mehrdad Heydarzadeh, Negin Madani and Mehrdad Nourani
  • Improved Multiplierless Architecture for Header Detection in DVB-S2 Standard
    Hector Miyashiro, Emmanuel Boutillon, Christian Roland, Joel Vilca and Daniel Diaz
  • Efficient Emulation of Floating-Point Arithmetic on Fixed-Point SIMD Processors
    Lukas Gerlach, Guillermo Payá-Vayá and Holger Blume

Session 8: Special Session: Design & Implementation of Massive MIMO System for 5G (16:00–17:20)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Sridhar Rajagopal & Nikhil Kndargi

  • Implementation of Low-Latency Signal Processing and Data Shuffling for TDD Massive MIMO Systems
    Steffen Malkowsky, Joao Vieiera, Karl Nieman, Nikhil Kundargi, Ian Wong, Viktor Owall, Ove Edfors, Frederik Tufvesson, and Liang Liu
  • Serving 22 Users in Real-Time with a 128-Antenna Massive MIMO Testbed
    Paul Harris, Wael Boukley Hasan, Steffen Malkowsky, Joao Vieira, Siming Zhang, Mark Beach, Liang Liu, Evangelos Mellios, Andrew Nix, Simon Armour, Angela Doufexi, Karl Nieman, and Nikhil Kundargi
  • Steepest Descent Method Based Soft-Output Detection for Massive MIMO Uplink
    Ye Xue, Chuan Zhang, Shunqing Zhang, Zhizhen Wu and Xiaohu You
  • Full Dimension MIMO (FD-MIMO) – Reduced Complexity System Design and Real-Time Implementation
    Gary Xu, Yang Li, Sridhar Rajagopal, Robert Monroe, Jin Yuan, Sudhir Ramakrishna, Younghan Nam and Jianzhong Zhang

Banquet (18:30–)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Joseph Cavallaro

  • Solving the Equation for Women’s Success in Engineering
    Wanda Gass, Design Connect Create

Friday, Oct. 28

Keynote Talk 3 (9:00–9:45)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Seok-Jun Lee

  • Resiliency of Deep Neural Networks under Quantization and Pruning.

    Wonyong Sung, Seoul National University

Coffee Break (9:45–10:00)

Room: Foyer Outside Longhorn Rooms

Session 9: Efficient Hardware Design (10:00–11:20)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Tokunbo Ogunfunmi

  • Efficient Rate Conversion Filtering on GPUs with Shared Memory Access Pattern Scrambling
    Mrugesh Gajjar and Ismayil Guracar
  • Resource-Aware Optimization of Modular, Cascade Detection Systems
    Long Le and Douglas Jones
  • Energy Efficient Ultrasonic Communication on Steel Pipes
    Sijung Yang and Andrew Singer
  • Low-Complexity, Sub-Band DPD with Sequential Learning: Novel Algorithms and WARPLab Implementation
    Chance Tarver, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Lauri Anttila, Mikko Valkama and Joseph Cavallaro

Session 10: Special Session: Stochastic Computing for Information Processing (11:20–12:40)

Room: Longhorn I-III

Session Chair: Bo Yuan & Chuan Zhang

  • Stochastic Computing Can Improve Upon Digital Spiking Neural Networks
    Sean C. Smithson, Kaushik Boga, Arash Ardakani, Brett H. Meyer and Warren J. Gross
  • Stochastic BP Polar Decoding and Architecture with Efficient Re-Randomization and Directive Register
    Menghui Xu, Xiao Liang, Chuan Zhang, Zhizhen Wu and Xiaohu You
  • Design Space Exploration for K-Nearest Neighbors Classification Using Stochastic Computing
    Dylan Cannisi and Bo Yuan
  • Computing RBF Kernel for SVM Classification using Stochastic Logic
    Yin Liu and Keshab K. Parhi

Closing and Lunch (12:40–13:40)

Room: Boots & Brix Restaurant, Hyatt